After running Innocent Bones for over 2 years now, I thought it was about time I started writing about our story and sharing advice, tips and stories with you. 

After all we wouldn't be where we are now without it's only fair we share the love!


I come from a VERY creative family background, with artistic influence surrounding me from an extremely young age. I was encouraged to get creative, and trust me I tried everything! 

Drawing and illustration - sucked at it, didn't enjoy it!

Painting and watercolour - sucked at it, didnt enjoy it!

Textile design - not great, given that I suck at drawing!

Embroidery and cross stitch - not actually too bad, and I LOVED it!

I started cross stitch around age 8, I learned firstly from my step-mum who showed me the basics. I learned how to read patterns, how to do basic stitches and how to really enjoy the process of stitching. 

After about 2 years of gifting people pretty terrible cross stitches, I gave up the art to persue photography. I kept this up until my early twenties, gaining a Degree in Commercial Photography and developing a love for all things analogue. 

Photography break from cross stitch and embroidery

It wasn't until I was 22 that I picked up a needle and thread again, that's where things get interesting!


Anyone who loves to cross stitch or has dabbled in embroidery in the past will know that it's a great way to relax. 

For me it was an opportunity to switch off from the daily grind, retreat into my happy place and shut my 'normal' brain activity off for a while. I started taking a few hours a week for myself, curling up with the dogs and a cross stitch, and just generally winding down. 

Relaxing with cross stitch

I like to think that I'm a pretty organised person. My life and work space can usually be chaotic and busy but I prefer to label it as 'organised chaos'! I need to have logical order, always make lists and I have to do everything in a particular way. 

That's why I'm a cross stitch addict! 

Cross stitching is logical, it follows clear rules, it's easy to track your progress and identify if you've gone off track. 


After a while I realised that although I'd been enjoying cross stitching, I was just hoarding all my completed stitches in a box, never to be seen again. 


Because I wasn't actually that keen on any of the patterns I had been following. I found most of my patterns online or in old books that I'd been given, but they were all pretty basic. They were all pretty and visually pleasing, but just a bit boring for my tastes. 

That's when I decided to start making my own patterns, with one firm rule in mind:


With this in mind I went on a pattern making frenzy! I started stitching every day and churning out so many offensive but beautiful designs that I was actually hanging on my own walls. 

Fuck and shit cross stitch design

The first cross stitch pattern I created with my new rule in mind was the 'fuck' design, that has since gone on to be one of the Innocent Bones Best Sellers.

It felt (and looked) great! I was finally decorating my home with the kind of pieces that I couldn't find in the shops. 


Pretty much immediately after I started producing naughty cross stitches for my home, I started getting requests from family, friends and colleagues for me to stitch pieces for them too. 

Bloody hell...people actually like what I'm doing. 

It was flattering and a huge confidence boost knowing that not only did people love what I was making, but they were willing to pay for it too. 

Not long after this I set up my Etsy shop, selling ready made cross stitches of my own design. 

It started slow, like really slow! I got maybe 10 sales in my first year through Etsy. 

I started thinking that maybe the designs were a little too offensive for other people, or maybe my prices were too high. At this point I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to turn things around. The one thing I was sure about however, was that I wasn't willing to compromise on design. I always kept in my head, ONLY STITCH PIECES YOU WOULD HANG ON YOUR WALL.

After a good hard look at my shop, and future business, I decided something needed to change. People just weren't that interested in buying ready made completed cross stitches. So what were they interested in? 


The whole time I had been selling my stitches (around 1 year now), people kept asking me how to cross stitch. They wanted to get involved and start stitching themselves but didn't know how. 

This was exciting, it's something I can help with. YEY! 

I was willingly giving advice, tips and even having stitching nights with friends to get them involved and encourage them on their beginners journey to becoming a cross stitch champion!

Then it hit me. 

I want to share this...with EVERYONE! 

I want to sell cross stitch kits

Kits with my designs on. 

Kits that a beginner could pick up and complete their first ever cross stitch. 

I want other people to go to have a happy place they can go to and come out of it with something fucking awesome they can hang on their walls.

girl gang cross stitch kit packaging

So I did. And it was a success. 

I worked on packaging, stitching guides and some best-selling patterns and BOOM the sales started coming in!


So that's the (very basic) story of how I started Innocent Bones. 

It was definitely a journey, and not always an easy one. 

I think the most important things I have learned through the entire process is not to give up, do something you love and stick to your guns. 

I feel extremely lucky to be running a business doing something I love and with such amazing support and encouragement from all the Innocent Bones customers.

do no harm take no shit cross stitch design pattern


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